CareerPoint helps students and job seekers find their place in the world of work, by matching interests and abilities with training, support, and meaningful and rewarding careers.

By providing training and tools, CareerPoint supports the workforce professionals who help people navigate the West Michigan job market.

7 Steps to Success

CareerPoint promotes evidence-based coaching to help students and job seekers discover and follow pathways to rewarding careers. This model follows seven steps to each participant’s success.

Through a coordinated regional process, information is gathered about participants’ work experience, education, abilities, and interests.

Based on the employment plan, individuals participate in education, training, and work-based learning. Career coaches support them through to completion.

Using a series of assessments and conversations, career coaches gather evidence to help individuals make informed decisions about career paths and to create an employment plan.

Individuals support their career pursuit by earning certificates, degrees, certifications and licenses.

Prepared job seekers connect with employers for the next step on their career pathway.

Understanding the barriers that may otherwise stand in the way of full success, wrap-around services continue throughout the process, helping individuals overcome barriers to stay on track.

Evidence of the individual’s skills, education and job-preparedness are gathered into one place in preparation for job seeking.

A Tool for Connecting and Navigating

The seven-step model of CareerPoint is automated through an online career navigation system, SkillsFirst. This does not replace the career coach. Rather, it supports that relationship by helping participants to engage in the process and keep track of career interests and skills, identify their job targets, connect with support services, access needed training and credentials, develop a skill profile, and apply for employment.

Sign Up For Training

Working with employers, educators, and job-placement professional, CareerPoint provides training and tools to help people navigate the West Michigan job market. Whether you work with students or adult job seekers, CareerPoint can support your efforts to guide people along the career path that is right for them. Sign up for training to get started.